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Shuddhi Clinic By Acharya Manish in Bhagalpur

A herbal treasure in the form of nectar obtained from the lap of nature is enough to save our lives. But nowadays, some fraudulent companies have started selling adulteration poison. This poison is making us hollow inside. The Ayurvedic clinic in Bhagalpur has brought golden opportunities for the residents of Bhagalpur. You can easily get rid of this adulterated toxic effect by joining us.


You must be feeling curious to know more about us. Get introduced deeply to our Ayurvedic clinic in Bhagalpur with the help of the below-mentioned details:


Ayurvedic clinic in Bhagalpur:


This extraordinary clinic is catering to provide the natural and ayurvedic healing facilities beyond the expectations. The patients who have visited this Ayurvedic clinic in Bhagalpur have shared a surprising response. Astonishing effects at the most affordable prices can surprise anyone. You will also not believe it until you visit directly. Below is the shortlist of our wide facilities:


  1. Online appointment booking facility for the convenience 
  2. Online shopping benefit of Ayurvedic remedies
  3. Free and safe home delivery of the remedies specialized on COVID-19 effects
  4. Free counseling for everyone
  5. Full and free telephonic assistance
  6. Effective and famous checkup methods 
  7. Decent location and spacious clinic area
  8. Well managed staff
  9. Enough sitting arrangements to handle maximum visitings at a time
  10. Proper safety arrangements to tackle this epidemic 


Patients are requested to have a look at the below-mentioned address of our Ayurvedic clinic in Bhagalpur.


RM Bhawan, Chatpati Talab Road, Near Awasiya Gyan Niketan School, Shitla Sthan Chowk, Mirjanhat, bhagalpur, Bihar- 812005.


Visiting timings to meet our top Ayurvedic doctors in the Bhagalpur clinic is between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.


Ayurvedic doctors in Bhagalpur:


This guarantees that visitors will get the opportunity to get relief with the top Ayurvedic doctors in Bhagalpur. All Ayurvedic doctors are highly educated and trained. They carry a reputed career history with them. Years of experience in the same field gives assurance of reliability. The polite behavior with painless diagnosis methods satisfies the patients easily. They are experts in providing relief from the various deadly diseases naturally. 

  1. Nutrition and dietary issues
  2. Respiratory disease
  3. Thyroid problem
  4. Depression and anxiety
  5. Obesity (the common health problem)
  6. Chronic disease and joint pain

The ayurvedic doctors in Bhagalpur present a complete solution for all health problems. Toxin storage and sickness spoil our happiness. Visit the clinic in Bhagalpur to enjoy the happiness of your life.

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RM Bhawan, Chatpati Talab Road, Near Awasiya Gyan Niketian School, Shitla Sthan Chowk, Mirjanhat, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812005.

City: Bhagalpur        State: Bihar


Expert Counselling

At Shuddhi Clinic, we provide a free consultation to anyone looking for ayurvedic treatment for their wellness. To book for our free consultation, please fill and submit the form given above. We have 125+ ayurvedic clinics all over India and have experienced ayurvedic doctors. Our well qualified and expert Ayurvedic doctors will provide you with a free ayurvedic consultation based on the information you provide regarding your disease. We provide:

  • Free ayurvedic health consultation
  • One to one consultation
  • Jeebh Parikshan
  • Nadi Parikshan

Checkup Fee: ₹0 ₹300

Opening Hours

  • Sunday Close
  • Monday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Tuesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Wednesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Thursday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Friday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Saturday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Our Clinic Doctor's

Our ayurvedic doctors are desperate to treat people naturally. All of our ayurvedic doctors are well qualified and skilled. They carry an excellent career history and are capable of treating critical stages of any health condition.

Our expert Ayurvedic doctor performs various Ayurvedic therapies to heal almost all of the health problems. We assure you that you are in safe hands.

We have appointed talented and experienced ayurvedic doctors in our clinics.

Our doctors always treat patients with patience. Our doctors are skin experts, piles experts, kidney treatment experts, and many more.

Pritam Pyare (BAMS)