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Obesity is a severe health issue at present. Obesity is a chronic health problem in which excessive fat accumulates in the body cells, and this problem reduces the expectancy to live a healthy life. Obesity leads to adverse effects on the body and increases the chance to get chronic health problems. If you want to save your body from these harmful effects, visit our best Ayurvedic clinic in Jaisalmer, introduced by shuddhi Ayurveda.


A significant part of the population is affected by diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, ischemic stroke, osteoarthritis, and cancer may occur due to obesity.

All the ayurvedic therapies in our clinic are performed under the observation of Our Ayurvedic doctor in Jaisalmer. Our doctor is an expert in all Ayurveda and natural remedies to prevent obesity and other chronic health problems. Ayurveda is a holistic care system that focuses on the overall health of a person.


In our shuddhi branch, we are giving lifestyle changes, guideline guidelines, and our Ayurvedic doctors are experts in Lifestyle modification and diet changes. Our Ayurvedic doctor will provide you with details about what to do and not to do to stay healthy. In our clinic, we educate people to make some changes in their lifestyle such as,

  • Mild to moderate physical activity as per your capacity
  • Make a habit of regularly walking at least for 30 minutes.
  • Avoid sitting for a long time
  • Stop excessive sleeping
  • Stop watching TV while having food
  • Avoid alcoholism and smoking  


These are some healthy tips from our expert doctor to change your lifestyle. This branch is our best Ayurvedic clinic in Jaisalmer because we are providing Ayurvedic therapies to heal people. Moreover, we are giving a healthy diet chart with ayurvedic medicine to stay away from both acute and chronic health problems. Here is the line of Ayurvedic medicine we are providing in our shuddhi Ayurveda clinic. All the Ayurvedic procedures are done under the strict supervision of our expert Ayurvedic doctor in Jaisalmer. Below are the list of services: 

  • Fasting ( Langhan)
  • Ama Pachan ( oral use of herbs to boost, metabolism)
  • Ruksha Udwartan ( body massage with herbal Ayurvedic powder)
  • Yoga and meditation tips
  • Panchakarma therapy
  • Pain Free diagnosis methods
  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Lekhan Vasthy
  • Oil massage therapy
  • Lifestyle changes guidelines
  • Weight management program
  • Diet chart
  • 100% organic herbs
  • No side effect

To enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda, visit our clinic in your area and get health consultation from our expert Ayurvedic doctor. We are providing trustworthy Ayurvedic health care services to heal people from multiple health issues.


Our Ayurvedic follow the necessary guidelines to plan a healthy diet plan. As per Ayurveda our doctor include certain food items such as,

  • Whole grains ( whole wheat, oats, bran, and barley)
  • Green leafy vegetable ( Broccoli, spinach, kale, turnip, radish, carrots, and Methi, capsicum)
  • Seasonal fruits ( orange, apple, pomegranate, Papaya, Pineapple
  • Dry Fruits and nuts ( walnut, almond, Cashio, Pistachio, and peanuts)
  • seeds(flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, basil seeds)
  • Natural spices ( turmeric, cumin, carom seeds, long pepper, cardamom, ginger)


 To get a healthy suitable diet plan or lifestyle modification guidelines from our highly talented Ayurvedic doctor in Jaisalmer. Here is the address of our ayurvedic clinic in your area where you can visit in our standard clinic time to get health consultation. Our doctor focuses on overall body health to save you from various health issues.



Shop No 44, Ashri Math, Gadisar Road, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001.

To book an online appointment with our Ayurvedic doctor visit, www.shuddhi.com. You can also call on 077839 77839 to get an appointment with our expert.

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Clinic Address : Shop No 44, Ashri Math, Gadesar Road, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001.

City: Jaisalmer        State: Rajasthan


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At Shuddhi Clinic, we provide a free consultation to anyone looking for ayurvedic treatment for their wellness. To book for our free consultation, please fill and submit the form given above. We have 125+ ayurvedic clinics all over India and have experienced ayurvedic doctors. Our well qualified and expert Ayurvedic doctors will provide you with a free ayurvedic consultation based on the information you provide regarding your disease. We provide:

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  • One to one consultation
  • Jeebh Parikshan
  • Nadi Parikshan

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Our Clinic Doctor's

Our ayurvedic doctors are desperate to treat people naturally. All of our ayurvedic doctors are well qualified and skilled. They carry an excellent career history and are capable of treating critical stages of any health condition.

Our expert Ayurvedic doctor performs various Ayurvedic therapies to heal almost all of the health problems. We assure you that you are in safe hands.

We have appointed talented and experienced ayurvedic doctors in our clinics.

Our doctors always treat patients with patience. Our doctors are skin experts, piles experts, kidney treatment experts, and many more.

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